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Student Testimonials

Berni & Dan

My son, Dan, has been fortunate to study drums with Scott for almost a year. Scott has been encouraging, friendly and supportive, especially when a new technique or method is introduced. He makes lessons fun, striking an excellent balance between personalising the lesson to Dan’s musical  interests and ensuring all aspects of grade work are covered. Dan really enjoys his lessons and his GCSE Music teacher has remarked on how his confidence and technique have improved since taking lessons with Scott. Not only is he an excellent musician, but Scott also has the essential communication skills to transfer his knowledge and enthusiasm. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a drum teacher.

Kathryn & Crystal

Crystal - "Scott is a very good teacher. I enjoy my drum  lessons.They are always fun and Scott helps make any challenges seem easy". Kathryn - "My 10 year old daughter has started to learn the drums with Scott. She is enjoying her lessons and always looks forward to them. I have found Scott to be very conscientious and reliable about arranging lessons and keeping me informed and would certainly recommend him."

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